Web: i5 and Fetch


Upload to the server using a FTP (file transfer protocol) software such as Fetch.

Download fetch and retrieve NYU serial number.

Log on using your net id and nyu password. Be sure to choose SFTP. All files go into the public_html. If you want, you can set up fetch to open up in that folder.

Setting up i5 accounts:

  1. Launch Terminal software (or PuTTY for PC)type “ssh Netid@i5.nyu.edu” and you will be prompted for your password.
  2. **(note that when you type in your password the cursor doesn’t move, but if you entered it correct when you hit return you will be in the i5 system
  3. At your system prompt (represented by the percentage symbols below) type the following commands, in order, and exactly as written

mkdir -p “$WEB_ROOT”

mkdir -p “$WEB_ROOT/cgi-bin”
cp /usr/local/share/apache2/index.html “$WEB_ROOT/index.html”
chmod 644 “$WEB_ROOT/index.html”
chmod 755 “$WEB_ROOT/cgi-bin”
chmod 755 “$WEB_ROOT”
chmod 711 “$HOME”
unset WEB_ROOT

Now you will have a template web page, which can be viewed at: i5.nyu.edu/~Your_NetID