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Creating metadata for photos and websites Tutorials >> NYU login

Depth of Field Calculator > If That, Then This


FYI: 1 GB = 4 minutes video captured on camera


WEB Help

Free Software & Utilities

      • TextWrangler (Bare Bones software), a powerful general purpose text editor. Better than text edit for web editing and useful when dreamweaver is too much.
      • VLC (media player that can play ANYTHING)
      • GIMP (an open source image editor for Mac and Windows similar to Photoshop)
      • OpenOffice (open source software with features similar to MS Office)
      • Prezi, online tool that helps you create presentations  that are more visually exciting than Powerpoint
      • Lifehacker Pack for Mac: List of the Best Free Mac Downloads.
      • shorten, share and track your links.
      •, like but less robust, by Betaworks