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Making a website accessible

12 ways your website is inaccessible to those with chronic illness

Too often as we put our blogs together we think about what we like personally but don’t really give a lot of thought to how others may view the same pages. In the end, the goal is to have others to be able to read our blogs and enjoy them, but are we making small mistakes that could be making it difficult for others to enjoy our blogs? Here are a few thoughts from some of our bloggers on things that often make it difficult for them to access blogs and websites.

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Some Computer History


PCE.js – Classic Mac OS in the Browser
by James Friend
What OS7 and kid pix looked like way back. Great simulation.
[for anyone who wants to make a simulator – he is a link to Basilisk II , an open source 68k Macintosh Emulator.]

And below is a the legendary 1984 Superbowl commercial when the first Mac was announced to the world.

Want to see more?  Someone has made a youtube playlist of every Apple ad (over 600 and growing!)

See previous post on Digital Archaeology for more on the subject.


Interactive Things

A site to explore>

Interactive Things

Technology must empower people and make them feel awesome. It should assist and connect them, be unobtrusive and meaningful. Through designing interactive products, we try to achieve this every day.

We do everything to make working with us a pleasure. Accuracy and excellent quality are most important, we are responsive, uncomplicated and friendly.

Celebrating the Animated Gif

Common on Early Internet, GIF Files Make Comeback – NYTimes.com

Just as the LP has enjoyed a second spin among retro-minded music fans, animated GIFs — the choppy, crude snippets of video loops that hearken back to dial-up modems — are enjoying an unlikely vogue as the digital accessory of the moment

I for one, have not forgotten the animated gif and always teach in my classes as most of us who teach web design do. This Times article made me do a web search and came across a Tumblr of Animated Gifs that was created for Art Basel Miami: Moving The Still. Can’t say I am impressed with the images as ‘art’ but it is a very good collection. This link takes you an article on the show that presents curated selections that has some interesting ones.

more links on animated gifs:

Tech Note: Photoshop now calls these frame animations.

Space Collective

In my web wanderings today I came across the Cargo Collective, a innovative design collective that offer our users free-standing websites; a wide variety of customizable templates. They also run SpaceCollective, a blog that explores that the future of web.

Space Collective

One of the members, Folkert Gorter, co-created with Atley G. Kasky and Will Schofield, this fantastic site But Does it Float, truly innovative design. For later exploration- all the members websites. Will Schofield has a great site, 50watts.com, about book design and illustration.

Intellectual Property and the Arts

GREAT RESOURCE >> Intellectual Property and the Arts

This section provides links to CAA’s activities on intellectual-property matters as well as to useful websites and resources of other organizations.

via Intellectual Property and the Arts | College Art Association | CAA | Advancing the history, interpretation, and practice of the visual arts for over a century.