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Some inspiring Media History

Viral Videos Patient Zero – On The Media
A great story from On the Media

In 1995, roughly a decade before YouTube ushered in the age of the viral video, a couple of upstart young film-school grads created an underground, analog video sensation.  Producer JP Davidson brings us the story of that video and its unlikely role as viral video’s ‘patient zero’.


Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world.

They are currently broadcasting from #OccupyWallStreet in NYC on livestream.com/occupyNYC and covering the international #Occupy movement on our main channel at livestream.com/globalrevolution

See some great videos on Vimeo by Joan Logue at OWS that are also streamed on globalrevolution.tv. Also take a look at her Video Portraits site

Marshall McLuhan

A 1971 Interview with McLuhan about “Medium is the Message”

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Another video: McLuhan on presidential debates. An interview by Tom Brokaw and Edwin Newman on the Today Show the morning after the Carter/Ford Debate, September 24, 1976. Interesting in how it relates to today’s debates and how discourse on TV has changed.

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The Official Site of Marshall McLuhan

more McLuhan Links

Dara Birnbaum

New York-based artist Dara Birnbaum, a pioneer of media critique. Since the mid-’70s, Birnbaum has consistently mined the telecommunications industry to make videos that are at once feminist polemic, critical essay, and aesthetic exploration. Her seminal 1978 piece, Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, is an example of virtuosic video editing, looping actress Linda Carter’s trademark spin so that she never completes the shift from svelte superhero to ordinary working woman, while simultaneously casting an analytical eye on television’s representation of a “super woman,” red bustier, star-flecked hot pants, knee-high boots and all. view video

Interview in Bomb Magazine
Interview in ArtInfo
Cabinet Magazine: Cable TV’s Failed Utopian Vision: An Interview with Dara Birnbaum, winter 2002/2003