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6 Essential Tips for Using Archival Footage

6 Essential Tips for Using Archival Footage | POV Blog | PBS

Very useful information from a panel at Doc U via the POV (Point of View) blog about working with archives:

But where to start? And how to find the right archive for your project? With resources available everywhere from university libraries to small town basements, finding those images might not be as easy as you had hoped. But with a lot of preparation and the willingness to get a little dirty, you’ll start unearthing gems you never dreamed might be available. more

Women of Transmedia | POV Blog

Reblogging this interesting article from the PBS POV blog. Some very intereresting insights about what transmedia is.

Women of Transmedia | POV Blog | PBS.
by Liz Nord | January 30th, 2013 at 8:58 AM

On my journey into transmedia doc making, I’ve sought advice from a plethora of industry pros and innovators. I’ve been to dozens of panel discussions, read articles, had meetings and explored projects. And I’ve noticed something both striking and encouraging: many of my fellow multi-platform storytellers aren’t fellows at all: They are women. Unlike early in the dot-com era when men dominated the tech startup scene, it seems that women are at the heart of the group pushing this emerging field forward. read more

Many more interesting posts on this blog for those interesting in storytelling and documentary.

Art Meets Geek in Toni Dove’s Studio

An artist I have been following for years:

Toni Dove takes a high-tech approach to art—her mixed-media performances star cyborgs and robots and employ mechanical three-dimensional projection screens. Performers animate video puppets through custom-built motion-sensing software (easier seen than said). With some operatic singers thrown in, a visit to Dove’s studio feels like a trip into a futuristic Wonderland.

via Art Meets Geek in Toni Dove’s Studio.

A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem

From Rhizome: A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem.

In 2007, novelist Jonathan Lethem published an essay in Harpers ending with a grand reveal: “every line I  stole, warped, and cobbled together.” The patchwork includes dozens of sources — part of a Steve Erickson novel, something from a Pitchfork review, a quote from an interview with Rick Prelinger. Sandra Day OConnor and Ralph Waldo Emerson are stitched in too.  The Ecstasy of Influence, now the title of his recent collection of writings, often addresses the process of integrating and “cobbling together” ideas and culture to make something new. Yet, stories Lethem relates of hosting “mailing parties” for the Philip K Dick Society or working in a bookstore seem like snapshots from pre-digital age. Recently I talked with the author about our rapidly dematerializing culture as well as appropriation as an art practice: read interview

Occupied Stories: Tell Your Story

Occupied Stories

A story sharing site developed by an affinity group working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in NYC.

“Tell us your story!  Our mission at Occupied Stories is to archive and amplify first-hand news and stories from the people on the front-lines of the occupy movement. The media tends have an over reliance on ‘official sources’ such as a mayors office or police commissioner.  We want to hear about it from the people who were actually there; we want the perspective from the street.  We will publish everything that fits these guidelines and feature the best of them.”

Great links page of other Occupy sites

Paul Chan – National Philistine

Paul Chan’s new publishing venture and the relationship between physical and virtual methods of book production read article from Frieze magazine  

Badlands Unlimited founded in 2010, limited edition books, e-books, and artist works.
“We make books in an expanded field.”

Then check out National Philistine for more of Paul Chan’s projects