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Frederick Douglass’s Faith in Photography

Frederick Douglass’s Faith in Photography
How the former slave and abolitionist became the most photographed man in America.
By Matthew Pratt Guterl, New Republic

“New, cheaper techniques of reproduction, Douglass believed, allowed for a truer, more precise impression of the person on display. They also made it possible for the subject of the photograph to determine, to some extent, how people read and understood the image. Frame by frame, the authors of the volume show how carefully Douglass tried—in an age where, for so many people of color, this was simply unimaginable—to control meaning.” [read complete article]

Cindy Sherman Articles

In conjunction with Cindy Sherman’s MOMA exhibition, there are many interesting articles and review. First thing to look at is MOMA’s interactive exhibition site


Cindy Sherman: Becoming

by Jerry Saltz
NewYork Magazine
interesting slideshow

NY Times Review by Roberta Smith 

Interview in Vanity Fair with Ingrid Sischy

Harper’s Bazaar interview with Cathy Horyn




Photoshop at 20

Snap Judgments May 28, 2010
“What are the rules that govern journalistic portrait photography? Wide-angle lenses, nonstandard lighting, shooting from below – they’re all fair game and frequently employed by photogs working for major publications. But what obligation is there to the subject? Bob searches for answers in this story originally broadcast in 2008.”

The wonderful On the Media from NPR broadcast this story and another on Pascal Dangin: The Master of Photographic Perfection – listen below
“In the twenty years since Photoshop was released, computers have fundamentally altered the world of modern photography. In that time, Pascal Dangin has emerged as the master of the art of perfecting the imperfect. New Yorker staff writer Lauren Collins wrote a profile of Dangin. She explains the methods behind the man they call ‘the photo whisperer.'”

Other interesting stories on privacy issues as well – link to the entire program: On the Media May 28, 2010 

Watch the original Photoshop 1.0 demo