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Postprocessing and Photojournalism

Interesting articles about the 2013 World Press Photo Contest winners – very similar to questions I had upon seeing the winning image above.

Photojournalism And Post-Processing: Should Contest Images Be The Actual Published Picture? | NPPA.
DURHAM, NC February 20, 2013 – In the days following the announcement of the World Press Photo of the Year theres been quite a discussion going on in cyberspace about post-processing of news images, and how far is too far given the ethics of reportage and todays digital photography.

Another article on Peta Pixel:Why Do Photo Contest Winners Look Like Movie Posters?

Side by side comparison of image as originally published and then what got submitted to World Press Photo.

Photoshop at 20

Snap Judgments May 28, 2010
“What are the rules that govern journalistic portrait photography? Wide-angle lenses, nonstandard lighting, shooting from below – they’re all fair game and frequently employed by photogs working for major publications. But what obligation is there to the subject? Bob searches for answers in this story originally broadcast in 2008.”

The wonderful On the Media from NPR broadcast this story and another on Pascal Dangin: The Master of Photographic Perfection – listen below
“In the twenty years since Photoshop was released, computers have fundamentally altered the world of modern photography. In that time, Pascal Dangin has emerged as the master of the art of perfecting the imperfect. New Yorker staff writer Lauren Collins wrote a profile of Dangin. She explains the methods behind the man they call ‘the photo whisperer.'”

Other interesting stories on privacy issues as well – link to the entire program: On the Media May 28, 2010 

Watch the original Photoshop 1.0 demo