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Occupied Stories: Tell Your Story

Occupied Stories

A story sharing site developed by an affinity group working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in NYC.

“Tell us your story!  Our mission at Occupied Stories is to archive and amplify first-hand news and stories from the people on the front-lines of the occupy movement. The media tends have an over reliance on ‘official sources’ such as a mayors office or police commissioner.  We want to hear about it from the people who were actually there; we want the perspective from the street.  We will publish everything that fits these guidelines and feature the best of them.”

Great links page of other Occupy sites

Occupy Reading

  1. Reading Room > Arts & Labor
    Here are a few great introductory texts covering a range of topics including alternative economies, historical art/activist movements, and the field of art workers. We will continue to add texts and topics as our reading list grows. continue
  2. Occupy Wall Street Library Blog
  3. Occupy 2012 > A daily observation on Occupy by Nicholas Mirzoeff
  4. Direct Action Working Group Resources
  5. Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

NEWSgrist – where spin is art: The People’s Library

What follows is an excerpt from a recent post by Mira Schor about The People’s Library at Zuccotti Park, and a piece from Inside Higher Ed on the librarians who make it all possible, with a video clip by author Matthew Battles on the history of libraries and protest. Links to the history and catalog of The People’s library provided at the end.

via NEWSgrist – where spin is art: The People’s Library.

Link to People’s Library Blog

People’s University in Washington Square

Now @ Washing Sq Park: People’s University in Washington Square

Out from the classrooms and into public space, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.
The People’s University refuses exclusions and limitations on access both to education and to public space.
The People’s University is open to people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities. And it demands that those with privilege step up by stepping back and listening, so that we can learn from each other.