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Trevor Paglen

 Can an Artist Take on the Government (and Win)? A Q&A With Trevor Paglen

The artist and “Citizenfour” collaborator’s new show at Chelsea’s Metro Pictures is both an homage to Edward Snowden and an example of what he calls “institutional improvement.”

Trevor Paglen has tracked secret spy satellites, photographed so-called “black sites” like Area 51, cataloged hundreds of classified codes for military operations and their associated (and often bizarre) patches, and blasted images into space for the benefit of future civilizations or a visiting alien species. … Paglen approaches art with a steadfastly interdisciplinary and collaborative mindset, combining his academic training with an eye for aesthetics and a healthy dose of post-9/11 paranoia. [read interview]

Untitled (Blackness): Q+A With Hank Willis Thomas – Art in America

Untitled (Blackness): Q+A With Hank Willis Thomas – Conversations – News & Opinion – Art in America.

by Brian Boucher 09/19/11

American artist Hank Willis Thomas, who was born in New Jersey, grew up in New York and now lives in Paris, is included in the Istanbul Biennial’s group exhibition “Untitled (Passport).” His 2009 wall sculpture A Place To Call Home (Africa-America) is an approximately 8-foot-high metal map of the outline of North America, with, beneath it, Africa replacing South America. The striking visual symbol affords numerous interpretations: for example, Jens Hoffmann and Adriano Pedrosa, writing in the companion text, call it “a possible different history of the African diaspora.”

Hank is an P&I alum, 1998, see more of his work on his website.