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What is a Hacktivist?

What is a Hacktivist? – NYTimes.com
The untimely death of the young Internet activist Aaron Swartz, apparently by suicide, has prompted an outpouring of reaction in the digital world. Foremost among the debates being reheated — one which had already grown in the wake of larger and more daring data breaches in the past few years — is whether Swartz’s activities as a “hacktivist” were being unfairly defined as malicious or criminal. ..

I believe the debate itself is far broader than the specifics of this unhappy case, for if there was prosecutorial overreach it raises the question of whether we as a society created the enabling condition for this sort of overreach by letting the demonization of hacktivists go unanswered.more

Aaron Swartz, obituary

Hacker artist takes over internet cafe for speed show

{I love this idea for a “speed show” to launch web projects.}

Computer terminals at a gritty internet cafe in New York City’s Chinatown were taken over last week by digital artist Evan Roth in order to debut his internet-based art.

Scores of art enthusiasts flocked to Mr Roth’s “speed show”, an art exhibition format that is specifically geared toward displaying artwork hosted on websites.

via BBC News – Hacker artist takes over internet cafe for speed show.

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