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Feminist Art History

Great resources I came across

Institute of Contemporary Arts : Videos from the Archive : Feminist Art Seminars: n.paradoxa/ICA, Katy Deepwell.

Founded in 1998, n.paradoxa publishes scholarly and critical articles highlighting feminist art and feminist art theory written by women critics, art historians and artists on and in relation to the work of contemporary women artists post-1970 (visual arts only) working anywhere in the world.

The Feminist Art Project
The Feminist Art Project is an international collaborative initiative celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on the visual arts,art history and art practice, past and present.

Arte ≠ Vida and media projects with an archival impulse

Doing some research and came across these interesting projects that are using experimental archival approaches.

Arte ≠ Vida: A Chronology of Actions by Artists of the Americas, 1960–2000.
A CHRONOLOGY OF ACTIONS BY ARTISTS OF THE AMERICAS, 1960–2000 BY DEBORAH CULLEN | MUSEO DEL BARRIOThis chronology first appeared in the exhibition catalog Arte ≠ Vida: Actions by Artists of the Americas 1960–2000 (New York: El Museo Del Barrio, 2008). more info

The Knotted LIne
The Knotted Line is an interactive, tactile laboratory for exploring the historical relationship between freedom and confinement in the geographic area of the United States. With miniature paintings of over 50 historical moments from 1495-2025, The Knotted Line asks: how is freedom measured? Just as importantly, The Knotted Line imagines a new world through the work of grassroots movements for self-determination. More information on the project here.

On the Subject of Archives: e-misférica, summer 2012
Marianne Hirsch and Diana Taylor, editors, “The subject of archives has been a topic of conversation, collaboration and co-teaching between the two of us for several decades. Whether we were working on the memory and postmemory of the Holocaust or the Argentinean Dirty War, thinking about literature, photography, or performance, whether we were co-teaching courses on trauma and memory or co-organizing conferences or workshops, the subject of archives supersisted in our minds. Why had the subject of archives taken on such power?” read more from intro.

Cindy Sherman Articles

In conjunction with Cindy Sherman’s MOMA exhibition, there are many interesting articles and review. First thing to look at is MOMA’s interactive exhibition site


Cindy Sherman: Becoming

by Jerry Saltz
NewYork Magazine
interesting slideshow

NY Times Review by Roberta Smith 

Interview in Vanity Fair with Ingrid Sischy

Harper’s Bazaar interview with Cathy Horyn




MoMA | Installing Cindy Sherman’s Mural

Cindy Sherman @ MOMA

Cindy Sherman Show is great. Here is an interesting blog post from the curator:

One of the most exciting features of the Cindy Sherman exhibition is Sherman’s photographic mural, which is making its North American premiere at MoMA. Before MoMA visitors enter the sixth-floor galleries, they will encounter her monumental mural. Like wallpaper, the mural adheres directly to the surface of the wall, and wraps around several walls and corners to transform space and create an immersive fictive environment. The artist designed this configuration of the mural specifically for MoMA’s grand sixth-floor space. The soaring ceiling height allowed her to scale the figures to a colossal size—they stand 18 feet tall—the largest she has ever made them. The effect is utterly jaw-dropping. read more >  MoMA | Installing Cindy Sherman’s New Photographic Mural at MoMA.

Another Kind of Second Life

From the fabulous East of Borneo online journal/blog.

For our Second Life series, we work with writers and publishers to present selected essays, magazines, ephemera, and other previously published material that is out of print or hard to find, giving it a second life online.

Second Life: Jenni Sorkin Selects the feminist publication Chrysalis.

Second Life: Artist Brody Condon selected three out-of-print magazines with cover art that reflected the changing aesthetics of the psychedelic movement, from the whimsical to the futuristic to the academic.

check out East of Borneo for more

Making Art History, Carolee Schneemann, 1975

Making Art History in Springs: 1975 | The East Hampton Star.
by Gail Levin

Carolee Schneemann performed “Interior Scroll” at Ashawagh Hall in Springs in 1975. The piece is now considered a benchmark in art history and is included in numerous texts on feminist and performance art. Anthony McCall

Ashawagh Hall in Springs often hosts art, but one show in 1975 made art history. For the United Nations’ International Women’s Year, two artists, Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel, organized “Women Here and Now,” where Carolee Schneemann performed “Interior Scroll,” which now figures in most chronicles of feminist art and performance. more

see also www.caroleeschneemann.com/