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A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem

From Rhizome: A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem.

In 2007, novelist Jonathan Lethem published an essay in Harpers ending with a grand reveal: “every line I  stole, warped, and cobbled together.” The patchwork includes dozens of sources — part of a Steve Erickson novel, something from a Pitchfork review, a quote from an interview with Rick Prelinger. Sandra Day OConnor and Ralph Waldo Emerson are stitched in too.  The Ecstasy of Influence, now the title of his recent collection of writings, often addresses the process of integrating and “cobbling together” ideas and culture to make something new. Yet, stories Lethem relates of hosting “mailing parties” for the Philip K Dick Society or working in a bookstore seem like snapshots from pre-digital age. Recently I talked with the author about our rapidly dematerializing culture as well as appropriation as an art practice: read interview

Intellectual Property and the Arts

GREAT RESOURCE >> Intellectual Property and the Arts

This section provides links to CAA’s activities on intellectual-property matters as well as to useful websites and resources of other organizations.

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