In the last two days, I have had guest lectures by several of my fabulous former students.  Summaries below with links to the full posts on my other blogs.

Nicholas Calcott, P&I 2005 visited Multimedia and talked about how he uses the Internet to get his work out and meet other artists and writers. We looked and his blogs and and his collective Le Garage. He also recommended many blogs. **link to full post**

Ifétayo Abdus-Salam, P&I 2006,  Katie Kline, P&I 2005, and  Alice Proujansky, P&I 2002 spoke to Community Collaborations about their work in K-12 education as teachers/facilitators/supervisors in community-based settings. It was very inspirational for me, an experienced teacher and my Community Collaborations students who have  been teaching for only one semester. See the complete blog post for information about their current work and links to many organizations that offer opportunities for future employment, internships, supervision, and innovative approaches to education and community-based art making.