Ideas for Funding & Expanding Audience for Documentary Projects

From the printed page to the online app

by Phil Coomes, picture editor and photographer for the BBC News website.

One of the big questions for photographers and indeed those working in the field of journalism is how to fund projects. I recently blogged about which uses the crowdsourcing model to pull in both large and small donations, allowing photographers to seek backing from a wide range of sources….

What is needed is a way to draw readers into stories and issues through the pictures. What comes first: the interest in the story and content, or just the love of photography per se? One of the ways currently being explored is of course through the latest range of mobile phones and devices, such as tablets. These provide a fantastic way to lead readers into content via pictures. They also open up new markets for photographers. read more Crowdfund Visual Journalism

Phil Coomes

The post above was the second to the last post in Phil Coomes Viewfinder Blog. I assume that the blog will remain online as an archive. But fear not, he has new pages: Phil Coomes. It looks to be a redesign/re-organization but will cover same terrain. Maybe news agencies are dropping the word “blog”. I will be following his new “column”.