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  • > The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.Also home of  The Wayback Machine with more than 376 billion web pages saved over time (and growing.)
  • art 21: Blog > great resource on all things contemporary art with links to many other blogs and online journals.
  • Art Fag City > a New York-based art blog dedicated to providing exposure to emerging contemporary art and under-known artists.
  • Hyperallegic > a forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today. Created by Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic officially launched on October 14, 2009. It combines the best of art blog and magazine culture by focusing on publishing quality and engaging writing and images from informed and provocative perspectives.
  • Bomblog > from Bomb magazine
  • Brooklyn Rail > Critical Perspective on Arts, Politics, and Culture
  • East of Borneo > a collaborative online multimedia magazine of contemporary art and its history as considered from Los Angeles that rethinks the way that we conceptualize, preserve and present the various histories of contemporary art.
  • e-misférica > a biannual, peer reviewed, online journal published by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. The journal publishes scholarly essays, multimedia artist presentations, and book and performance reviews; we publish materials in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, exploring intersections of performance and politics in the Americas.
  • > on art, film, &c., by Greg Allen: Since 2001 here at, I’ve been blogging about the creative process—my own and those of people who interest me. That mostly involves filmmaking, art, writing, research, and the making thereof.
  •  Ibraaz > the leading critical forum on visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • LUX: artists’ moving image > LUX is an international arts agency for the support and promotion of artists’ moving image practice and the ideas that surround it.
  • MoMA Inside Outside
  • Newsgrist “where spin is art” > a blog edited by New York artist Joy Garnett that focuses on the politics of art in the digital age, focusing on free speech, intellectual property and censorship issues.
  • PBS POV Blog > storytelling and documentary filmmaking with a point of view
  • Public Books > an online multimedia site affiliated with the print journal Public Culture. Like that journal, Public Books supports an international community of emerging and established intellectuals and artists committed to vigorous debate about works and ideas that deserve timely, intensive discussion.
  • Reading the Pictures > analyzes and reports  on news and media images, focusing on the social, cultural and political “reading” of the individual picture
  • Rhizome > dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
  • Shelley Rice @ the Jeu de paume blog > Shelley wrote about art in NYC for the Jeu de Paume blog from March – October 2012.
  • Triple Canopy > an online magazine, workspace, and platform for editorial and curatorial activities. Working collaboratively with writers, artists, and researchers, Triple Canopy facilitates projects that engage the Internet’s specific characteristics as a public forum and as a medium, one with its own evolving practices of reading and viewing, economies of attention, and modes of interaction.
  • UbuWeb All avant-garde. All the time.
  • Visual Culture Blog > Images, Politics and Criticism by @MarcoBohr
  • Yes Lab blog>  a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out media-getting creative actions, focused on their own campaign goals. It’s a way for social justice organizations to take advantage of all that The Yes Men have learned-not only about our own ways of doing things, but those they’ve come in contact with.



  • Digital Archaeology seeks to document the formative years of digital culture and raise the profile of web archiving.
  • > a platform devoted to original, in-depth and untold multimedia stories.
  • > data visualization blog