First GIF Shared in Space

From the Hyperallergic Blog
Shoot for the Stars: First GIF Shared in SpaceTo launch a project that will crowdsource digital media projected into space, it makes sense to start with a GIF, the most beloved manifestation of our current internet noise. Today the first GIF to ever be sent into space started a journey to a distant solar system  — which it will reach in 2031.

The GIF was sent as part of the launch of Lone Signal, a new project that allows anyone with an internet connection to harness the power of the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel, California, and broadcast a message into Deep Space. As the mission states: ”At Lone Signal, we believe that crowdsourcing messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence (METI) is the ideal approach to establishing a stable, cohesive, and well-resourced intersteller beacon on Earth.”

Kim Asendorf, “Humans Watching Digital Art” (2011)

The Gif is by Kim Asendorf. Check out his pixel sorting images.