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The Forms and Functions of Photobooks

“A book in an object, and its very properties cannot be approached without considering its content.”
The Forms and Functions of Photobooks (1)

The Forms and Functions of Photobooks (2)

The Forms and Functions of Photobooks (3)

The Forms and Functions of Photobooks (4)

The Forms and Functions of Photobooks (5)

from Joerg Colberg’s online photography magazine, featuring photographer profiles, interviews, articles, and book reviews.

Fair Use & Image Integrity & Self-Defense

3 great online resources.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation: (EFF) Surveillance Self Defense Guide

The Integrity of the Image report from World Press Photo: Current practices and accepted standards internationally, when it comes to the manipulation of still images in photojournalism.

Storify piece by David Campbell on responses to the rejection of 20% of the entries  for World Press Photo Competition for the over manipulation of the image: What are World Press Photo’s rules and standards on manipulation?

College Art Association (CAA) has published Copyright, Permissions and Fair Use among Visual Artists and the Academic and Museum Visual Arts Communities: An Issues Report

Link to the sites for more information and FREE downloads. Thank you to all 3 organizations for this service to the field.

Robert Frank at 90

One of my clear memories of college is when Robert Heinecken loaned me his copy of The Americans. I took it home, sat down, looked at it page by page, amazed. It changed my understanding of the power of photography. I then got in my car and went to a bookstore to buy my own copy. Don’t think the intimacy of being introduced to someone’s work on the Internet is quite the same.  One of my most treasured books.

Robert Frank turned 90 on Sunday. So glad to have come across this article in the Guardian.
Robert Frank at 90: the photographer who revealed America won’t look back

Robert Frank at 90: the photographer who revealed America won't look back | Art and design | The Guardian


Artist Statements

It’s that time of the semester to work on artist statements.

An artist statement is a general introduction of your work as an artist. It is the what, how, and why of your work, from your own perspective.

Some Resources:


The Internet Archive joins The Commons | Flickr Blog

Welcome the Internet Archive to The Commons from the Flickr Blog.

Over the past couple of weeks, The Internet Archive has already been uploading content behind the scenes, and today we are very excited to officially launch them into The Commons.

The Internet Archive is best known for its historical library of the web, preserving more than 400 billion web pages dating back to 1996. Yet, its 19 petabytes include more than 600 million pages of digitized texts dating back more than 500 years. What would it look like if those 600 million pages could be “read” completely differently? What if every illustration, drawing, chart, map, or photograph became an entry point, allowing one to navigate the world’s books not as paragraphs of text, but as a visual tapestry of our lives? How would we learn and explore knowledge differently? Those were the questions that launched a project to catalog the imagery of half a millennium of books. [read more]

Hyperallergic blog has a great story about this as well.


How to Create a Performing Arts Video Work Sample

How to Create a Performing Arts Video Work Sample Part 1 of 3: Your Video Is an Artifact • tips from – NYFA Current.
NYFA current is a great list to be on >  grant opportunities, artist profiles, professional advice, etc. This article about video documentation of performance (or installation) is very useful.

A video work sample is a tool you should probably have if you create work in the performing arts or make installations. Many grant applications and festival submissions require it, or even if they don’t, your application still may need one in order to be competitive…

A good work sample video draws you into the performance. It makes you feel like you’re there. And it compels you to keep watching.  read complete article

I will update this post when parts 2 and 3 are online.

6 Essential Tips for Using Archival Footage

6 Essential Tips for Using Archival Footage | POV Blog | PBS

Very useful information from a panel at Doc U via the POV (Point of View) blog about working with archives:

But where to start? And how to find the right archive for your project? With resources available everywhere from university libraries to small town basements, finding those images might not be as easy as you had hoped. But with a lot of preparation and the willingness to get a little dirty, you’ll start unearthing gems you never dreamed might be available. more